• Add: Binjiang Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Base, Nan'an City, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
    Tel: +86-595-86769999/86750803
    Fax: +86-595-86758877
    E-mail: acr@cnacr.com

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    ACR (CHINA) INC, originally founded in 1984 as the Sino-foreign joint venture Holydar (Quanzhou) Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd., was established in 2008 and located in binjiang mechanical equipment manufacturing base, Nan'an city, Fujian province. 

    Certified by ISO/TS 16949, ACR which is an expert in truck and trailer parts ranging from torque rod bushing to rubber mounting, torque rod and shock absorber, supplies leading heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers at home and abroad.

    ★ 350 million of total assets
    ★ 240,000  of covering area
    ★ 120,000  of plant area
    ★ 3,300 different products
    ★ 500 experience staff
    ★ 60 engineering and technical personnel
    ★ 5,000 tons of mountings, 230,000 kits of shock absorbers, 180,000 pieces of torque rods per year
    ★ Exports 60% of its production to 50 different countries over 5 continents.